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A look inside Vestigen, one of the most innovative Project Ara developers: interview with Andrej Mošať  (Founder and CTO)

Vestigen ARA blood health module

Vestigen ARA blood health module

Vestigen is a Slovak company specialized in new biomedical technologies. They are focused on building smart sensors for portable diagnostic use. The company is working on a Project Ara module which enable users to analyze various types of substances, such as blood or water, to monitor your health or the environment.

Andrej Mošať is one of the founders and CTO (Chief technical officer) of Vestigen. Being a Doctor of Technical Sciences in chemical engineering from ETH Zurich and postdoctoral researcher at The University of Illinois at Chicago, he is also the founder of myspectral.com (experimental spectrometer for lower orbit and earth research).

In a recent interview, he told us the story of Vestigen and many other interesting details on the development of the Project Ara module. (more…)