Project Ara is alive, new video from Phonebloks and 2nd Ara Developers Conference in January

Project Ara prototype fully functional

Project Ara prototype fully functional

Phonebloks released a new video which shows a fully functional prototype.

The video was shot at Nk labs in Boston, where the first Project Ara phones are assembled and tested.









Here the video:



Today Google Atap announced the second Project Ara Module Developers Conference. The development team will organize two identical events. The first event will be on January 14, 2015, with a central site in Mountain View and satellite locations at Google offices in New York City, Buenos Aires, and London. The event will be repeated in Asia a week later, on January 21, 2015. This second event will be in Singapore, with satellite locations at Google offices in Bangalore, Tokyo, Taipei, and Shanghai. The principal focus of this second Module Developers Conference will be the next major release of the Ara Module Developers Kit (MDK version 0.20). At the conference will be shown the latest prototypes and some new modules and the team will share early plans for the market pilot in 2015.




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