Toshiba’s Ara partnership (Update)

Toshiba cameras

Toshiba camera

At the Developers conference, Toshiba showed new interesting modules and unveiled their plans for the future.

The Japanese company is one of the most important partners of Project Ara as they will produce the main board of the Endo and the chip that will allow modules to communicate with the smartphone.

Shardul Kazi, Senior VP Toshiba America Electronics Component, announced 3 camera modules. The company has already built a fully functional 5 Mp camera but this is just the beginning. This prototype will be developed in the coming months together with other cameras. One particular will be 2 Mp and will be integrated in the “media bar” module in the front of the Ara phone, whilst a 13 Mp and a dual 5 Mp camera will be developed for the back. The modules will support an new image capture technology up to 900 fps , and up to 240 fps with a 1080i / 13 Mp resolution.

Toshiba modules

Toshiba modules

Shardul Kazi also announced that Toshiba will focus on building other types of modules, such as Wi-Fi modules, display modules, activity measuring modules, and other wireless communication modules. Some of them should be available in Q1 2016. The company will provide references design of their products to facilitate module makers developments.

Update: Toshiba published the reference designs for the Project Ara modules on the official website.


Display Module

Display Module

The Japanese manager has, also, hypothetically imagined others form factor for the Endo. For example an “Activity meter” module could be removed from the Ara phone and placed into a wearable device. This might be built around a new type of Endo that allows modules to be attached to both smartwatch/fitness band and Google modular smartphone.


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