What happens when modular technology meets new health sensors: Vestigen and BioEE group (UCSD)

Vestigen Ara Module

Vestigen Ara Module

mHealth (mobile health) applications include the use of mobile devices in collecting health data and real-time monitoring of patient vital signs. This type of technology is especially useful in developing countries as it can help to fight epidemics or overcome the lack of hospital infrastructures.

Project Ara’s low cost and its modular architecture can provide an ideal platform for mHealth. The BioEE group of the University of California, Vestigen and other companies ( Hearth, Laird) are developing innovative mHealth platforms.

Vestigen ARA blood health moduleA biosensor module will enable users to analyze various types of substances such as blood, water, food or soil without additional tools or chemical substances. Each test is performed by dropping the specific substance on a sterile microchip, inserting the chip into the Ara module and waiting a short time for the result.

In this way you can check your blood glucose levels, diagnose various diseases such as salmonella, malaria, HIV or analyze the quality of the water and foods. The information collected can be analyzed, stored and/or shared, for instance with a doctor.

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