Project Ara with Yezz will also help you to cook

Cook perfect module

Cook perfect module

Yezz, a worldwide mobile brand, specialized in the creation of custom devices, has recently announced the development of new modules for Project Ara. Yezz’s team presented the first prototypes at MWC 2015 with great success.

On the official website the company showed additional conceptual drawings of possible modules. There are currently 28 different prototypes but Yezz has announced the development of about 100 projects !

We have selected the most innovative ideas and curious new concepts.

The first module is the Weather station with humidity and temperature sensors and a Oled or E-ink screen.

The “Babies Rocket Projection” is one of the most curious modules. This module projects child-friendly images onto the walls or ceiling of a dark room. There is also a simplest version with a laser projector for the time.


Braille  screen module

Braille screen module

Yezz thought also to people with visual impairment, developing a screen that uses an elastic membrane to display Braille characters.

For drivers who want to make sure they are in capacity of driving, despite having ingested some alcohol, the research team has developed a breathalyzer module to measure blood alcohol levels from a breath sample.


Breathalyzer module

Breathalyzer module

The Ara modules can also become small containers of candy, pills and breath freshner strips.

For the control of their car the Ara owners will utilize two modules. The first will allow to detect faults or other problems, the second will replace the remote control car.

Car control module

Car control module


The “Cook perfect” module is the last curios idea, a camera sensor that identifies the ingredients available, generates a recipe for the final dish and the required time for preparing and cooking. 

The original article was posted on the blog of Phonebloks.