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During the last days, the official Twitter Project Ara account continues to be very active.

The team has shown the new logo and announced several bits of news. Project Ara will no longer use electropermanent magnets (EPM) to keep the modules attached to the endoskeleton.

An electropermanent magnet can be switched on and off electrically and it doesn’t require power to remain magnetized.

The EPM technology was one of the most important Project Ara innovations, a great development effort created in collaboration with Foxconn, one of the leading hardware manufacturers in the world. It seems like an optimal solution for a modular smartphone, but apparently this technology has some unknown issues.

Ara is now moving on from using EPM to a “signature experience to attach/detach modules.”


Ara Logo

Ara Logo

A day after tweeting that a failed drop test caused by EPM, the Ara team is pulling back and claiming that was a ” joke.” They also add: “We have been configuring a new solution. It’s better too.”

On Twitter, Project Ara team also promised better battery life and a better camera.

For those who don’t remember, at Google I/O 2015, Rafa Camargo, the new Technical and Engineering Lead, showed off an Ara prototype with a fully functioning camera module.

In conclusion, we’re confident that the Project Ara team is on the right track and working hard towards a launch in 2016.


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