Acer Revo Build, a tiny modular mini PC

acer-revo-buildAt the IFA 2015 in Berlin, Acer announced a mini desktop PC with modular components.

In this way users can add and take away modules as they want.

The Revo Build M1-601 is packaged in a tiny 1 liter chassis with a 125 x 125 mm footprint that takes up minimal space and can be placed almost anywhere.

acer-modular-desktop-2015-2The Acer Revo Build comes with different components. The base unit comes with a Intel Pentium or Celeron CPU with integrated Intel HD graphics, while the system memory (up to 8GB DDR4 RAM) can be easily upgraded by just loosening one screw.

Blocks such as the 5 GB/1TB hot-swappable Portable Hard Drive will be available at launch, while a Wireless Power Bank, an Audio Block (with speakers and microphones) and other expansion modules will be rolled out gradually. Future modules will include new features such as a projector Block and even an external graphics module with an AMD graphics card.

revo-buildThe modules are connected through pogo pins with magnetic alignment so that there’s no hassle with wires when swapping out modules. The Blocks can also work independently or with other PCs.

This modular mini-PC will be sold in Europe for 199 euro in October and in China for 1,999 yen.


The original article was posted on the Phonebloks Blog.