BLOCKS is finally ready for the market and it’s awesome!

BLOCKS story

BLOCKS story

BLOCKS is now testing the final product for mass production and expects the smartwatch to be shipped soon. The BLOCKS team summed up its story on Kickstarter:

“Two and a half years ago, we started with an idea…

An idea to make smartwatches infinitely customizable, open and upgradeable. Thousands of hours later, with the help of hundreds of people from all around the world, the world’s first modular smartwatch is here. The very first sample from a real factory assembly line.

When we started, there were equally as many people, hundreds, if not more, who doubted that we can actually make this a reality. Looking back on our prototypes from 2 years ago, we realize that we must have appeared crazy walking around with our 3D printed blocky mockups or HUGE concept prototypes made from multiple Arduino boards connected via headphone jacks.

More than 50 people worked at BLOCKS during various stages of the project coming alive.”

Finally, BLOCKS is ready for the market.



This is the full video review of the first ever BLOCKS watch in action, with modules, the connect/disconnect mechanism, working OS and apps, the interchangeable straps and adjustable clasp mechanism.