Puzzlephone: modular smartphone



Puzzlephone is a new modular smartphone concept developed by a Finnish start-up called Circular Devices. Officially founded this year by Spanish engineer Alejandro Santacreu, the company has an international team of 11 members.

Circular Devices mission is to develop a reliable, upgradable and repairable modular mobile platform and create a marketplace for the hardware developers. The company wants to create a modular smartphone that is both ecologically and socially sustainable. For this reason, the Puzzlephone materials are recyclable and have a low environmental impact.

Puzzlephone is still a concept, the phone is made out of 3 major parts: the Brain, the Heart and the Spine. The Brain module holds the main electronics. The central module with display, speakers and microphones is called the Spine. The battery is inserted in the Heart module. The Spine and the Heart module can contain electronics for specific tasks.

Puzzlephone will use an open source OS that allows the development of devices for the general public as well as tailor made solutions for niche sectors. Initially the phone will use Android but other OSs (Firefox OS, Sailfish, Windows Phone, etc) will be supported in the future.

The company expects to release the Puzzlephone in the second half of 2015 in the mid-range price category.


 The original article was posted on the blog of Phonebloks