What is Project Ara?

Project Ara Spiral 2

Project Ara Spiral 2

Project Ara and Phonebloks have invented the modular smartphone. Project Ara was created within the Motorola Atap (Advanced technology and projects) division in the second half of 2012.

Project Ara brings the name from Ara Knaian, who first had the idea of a modular smartphone. The project became public in late October 2013, after the release of the first video of Phoneblocks. So begins a collaboration between the two companies that continues until now. In  January 2014, Google sells Motorola to Lenovo, but the Atap division remains to Google with the new name of Google Atap.


Ara with modules

Project Ara

Key element of the project is its openness to external developers. Google will produce the motherboard (endoskeleton) where will be hooked all modules, developed by independent manufacturers. The Project Ara will be sold worldwide. Thanks to its characteristics will be possible to produce cheaper configurations for emerging markets and expensive and advanced configurations for customers of the richest nations.

The project is still under development. It’s probable the arrival on the global market in the 2015, with a low starting price, not yet announced. The production price of the basic version will be close to $ 50.