Modular life: a short science fiction story

Copyright 2003-2014 by Marcos Hidalgo

Copyright 2003-2014 by Marcos Hidalg

Sleeping was never so difficult, the noises of the new city were continuous and unbearable. Also that night was spent in a terrible way. Were the 6 o’clock and for John was the beginning of a new day. With nervousness he pulled out the biorhythm analysis module from his old endoskeleton, and threw it on the floor … “Come on John you’re just at the beginning of this new adventure,” he thought to himself .

Clutching between the fingers the biorhythm module, he found himself in front of the digital mirror. As every morning, the response of automatic sleep monitoring: “from the analysis of the biorhythm module, the data report a lack of rest. You want to download an app with a virtual specialist of sleep?”  said the digital mirror.

Every morning was the same … “Was it possible that no one could produce an app for induced sleep that really working?” thought John. He was getting tired…

Everything seemed alien. “A good breakfast will help me” thought John. Then he remembered, in his new apartment there wasn’t the kitchen! Everything had been replaced by a food 3D printer. “Damn it!” Exclaimed John, how far it was his childhood. Real coffee, toast and bacon… Now, however, the data module inserted into the printer, automatically offered him the healthiest foods for his lifestyle, constantly monitored by the modular sensors of his smartphone. John often wondered, who the hell had programmed the 3D printer. If the taste of artificial foods was really similar to the original. Many years had passed since his last meal prepared by human hands.

By now it was getting late, another day of work waiting him. “The work wasn’t as they had proposed in the selection interview,” he kept repeating. His company had not foreseen the rapid deployment of new endoskeletons with optical transmission systems. The modules that the company had developed until shortly before were quickly become obsolete. From that moment were the problems started …

6.30 am. The maglev train was about to depart. John had to hurry. He ran to the room to take his old modular smartphone. On which interactive surface he had left? In the bathroom? In the living room? Always look for a point of wireless charging. His old endoskeleton wasn’t compatible with the new batteries with carbon nanotubes.

Everything always in a hurry. He approached the entrance, quickly grabbed all the smartphone modules that had scattered far and wide the night before and left the house.

A run down the stairs and BAAM ! Suddenly found himself on the ground! ” What fuck happened?” John thought.

His head ached. It was Mira! The new neighbor. She also was on the ground surrounded by many modules of all types and colors, all scattered on the floor. The two had clashed out and no one had seen each other…

It was the first time they found themselves so close. John thought that her green eyes reminded him the woods of his childhood, her face so bright… He never got to talk to her, but she was immediately very kind and not angry, indeed seemed to believe it was her fault. Mira said, “Oh forgive me, look what a mess, all our modules on the floor!” It will take a lifetime to figure out to whom they belong!”

For John the pain in his head seemed almost not exist. Finally he could have the opportunity to speak with Mira, sweet words he had always postponed…


Author: Giulio Minotti