ICE xPC: a revolutionary modular Pc



The ICE xPC modular computer is as small as your phone but with the processing power of a portable or desktop computer. A modular computer is much smaller,
lighter, and more flexible than anything else currently available. Its modularization enables more product offerings, customization, and localization through dynamic module combinations.

The xPC weighs less than 100g and transforms into the intelligent core of a pad, notebook, desktop, or gaming device when and where you want it to. Technically, Ice computer divided traditional motherboard into a much smaller Core Motherboard (xPC), and peripheral motherboards (xAdapter, xPad, xTop, xKeyboard ). The xPC specification includes x86 GPU/CPU chipset, 32 to 128GB SSD, Dual HDMI, Display port and Windows 8 support. The ICE xPC is designed with the future, flexibility, and sustainability in mind. Its design makes interchanging components easy, facilitating upgrades while minimizing waste. To upgrade, you simply purchase a new ICE xPC and plug it into your existing ICE peripherals.


ICE xAdapters  (

ICE xAdapters 2(

 The ICE xPC open connector architecture facilitates the use of existing peripherals and provides developers with the opportunity to create adapters or accessories as needed. For example, you could select a low cost gaming “shell” or “docking” device in your favorite color, display size, or with control buttons only. ICE Computer’s team after collecting only $ 11,000 compared with $ 300,000 requested in an Indiegogo campaign earlier this year, has decided to continue the development integrating the latest Intel processors and new technologies. We hope that the project will be successful. Stay tuned for other news.