Samsung Simband: a new modular wearable device



The Korean company has presented at the Samsung Developer’s Conference its open wearable modular platform called Simband. Announced this May, it will be available to be ordered by developers.
The wristband has been redesigned, and it’s based on Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch. The most important difference is an array of bio-sensors to gather everything from body temperature to electrocardiograms in real-time.

Samsung - Simband

Samsung – Simband

Developers can modify, build and integrate their own custom modular health sensors, using Samsung development kit. All the Simband’s data can be shared with a cloud network platform called Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions, or SAMI.

Simband has a 2-inch curved display, inside there is an ARM-based processor, a hot-swappable battery and Tizen Os. This product is not ready to consumers until developers will start building new modules and apps.