Dscout research

Dscout missions

Dscout missions

From the end of October 2013, Google has introduced an innovative initiative of online collaboration, through Dscout for the development of Project Ara. Dscout is a web and mobile service that has the purpose to engage audiences in sharing real-world experiences. Through this service, Google has developed a contest, consisting of a series of tests (missions) directed to those interested in Project Ara. The top 100 users will receive free, before the official launch, a Project Ara smartphone, collaborating in its development.

Were created different types of missions. The first about ideas and images on the concept of modular smartphone. Then missions focused on the development of mockups and prototypes. Then missions for the development of a modular smartphone with friends and family and the transformation into modules of everyday objects; a mission on accessories and others. Surveys have been conducted for profiling user and analysis the most important features of Project Ara.

The Dscout program immediately had a huge globally success, with 44000 ideas posted in the first test, reaching more than 30,000 users.

This initiative, designed and developed by Daniel Makoski for Google Atap, has allowed to conduct a massive market research. Google has collected a lot of useful information and has presented the Project Ara to potential customers around the world.


Here are some of my ideas, developed for various missions.


– Modules prototype for Project Ara.


Possible configurations of Project Ara, with various types of innovative modules.


The mock-up of Project Ara.