Other devices

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littleBits Base Projects (Media Kit)


Blocks versions

Blocks: the first modular smartwatch











Phonebloks Grey Modules (Media Kit)

PHONEBLOKS modular smartphone concept

Zte Eco-Moebius

Zte Eco-Moebius modular smartphone 










Nex Smart band (www.mightycast.com)

Nex Smart band

Xaomi magic cube

Xaomi magic cube modular smartphone concept









Razer Project Christine (razerzone.com)

Razer Project Christine modular Pc





Puzzlephone modular smartphone











Modu modular cellphone

Modu modular cellphone

XO-infinity modules

XO-infinity The modular laptop











Neptune products

Neptune Suite

Tma-2 modular Headphones

Tma-2 modular Headphones











Kien audio system

Kien modular audio system

nexpaq modules

Nexpaq: modular case











Click ARM One: the first modular tablet

Click ARM One: the first modular tablet

MODR Modular case

MODR modular case












Fonkraft: modular smartphone concept

ICE xPC (icecomputer.us)

ICE xPC modular personal computer












Atomwear (kickstarter.com)

Atomwear modular wearable

Samsung Simband

Samsung Simband modular wearable












Fairphone 2 case

Fairphone 2 modular smartphone

Acer Revo Build

Acer Revo Build